Lane Levelness Adjustment – Bowling Lane Topography Correction

We Map your lanes before and after adjustment with a Kegel LaneMapper

and provide complete Mapper Data, Slope Graphs and 3D Images that WE INVENTED!

                    Lane Mapping (Only) Service is also available

Bowling Lane Topography Adjustment or Bowling Lane Levelness Correction varies widely depending on the situation. The cost will vary depending on what is revealed in the initial Topography Lane Mapping. Minimum fee $ 5,000.00.

Repair Service 1 - 59' Panel Shimming - $ 200.00 per lane

This option will apply if no lane panels need to be removed.  No foundation or underlayment securing is included.

Repair Service 2 - 59' Panel Shimming and Underlayment Correction - $ 200.00 - $400.00 per lane

This option applies when the Mapper Data reveals a lane or lanes so far out of specification, that it will be required to remove one or more lane panels per lane in order to rectify the situation, by shimming the Underlayment and replacing/resealing the panel. $ 200.00 + $ 50.00 per Panel Removal per lane up to $ 400.00.

Repair Service 3 – 59’ Underlayment Securing and Shimming - $ 600.00 per lane               

Removes all panels and secures underlayment to levelers, leveling underlayment in the process, and replaces lane panels on level secure underlayment. Insures that no shimming greater than .030” will be done between lane panel and underlayment. Plus strips, and reseals all panel joints.


Pinspotter (All Models) $1,200 per machine
82-70 to 82-70XLi Conversion (QAMF Scoring) $1,500 per pair
82-70 to 82-70XLi Conversion (Non-QAMF Scoring) $1,700 per pair
Gripper Conversion from Kicker (70 & 30) $750 per ball lift
Gripper Conversion from PBL (70 & 90) $200 per ball lift
Dual pitlights $150 per machine

Additional Services

Removal/Install Kickbacks with PS Installation $200 per lane
Remove existing PS $500 per lane
Interfacing PS to Non-AMF Scoring $200 per pair
Remove and Skid Pinspotters $550 per machine
Raise pinspotter after Alliance install $150 per machine

On-Site Pinspotter Training

 3 days min req'd $600 per day + expenses


​Lower Tier all types $150 per mask
Upper Tier all types $150 per mask

Front End Equipment

all Return (All Non-Harmony Models) $560 per return
Ball Returns Harmony $800 per return
Optional Lower Ball Rack (All Models) $50 per rack
Hood and Rack Conversion (All Models) $500 per return
Replace Underlane Track $650 per return
Relocation of Ball Return - Quote per center
Foul Units all types $200 per unit


Integra (includes new foundation) $3,600 per lane
Alliance (overlay from foul line through pindeck) $1,500 per lane
Alliance SPL HPL w/ Approach $1,800 per lane
Alliance SPL/HPL w/Approach and underlayment upgrade $1,800 per lane
Replace existing SPL HPL Panels with new $500 per lane
Lane Removal (including foundation of 5 hours) $1,000 per lane
 Fire Resistant Sub Foundation $750 per lane additional

Bumpers, Caps and Cap Lights

DuraBowl Bumpers $500 per lane
XTREME Lighting Upgrade $200 per lane
XTREME Automatic Upgrade $200 per lane
XTREME Automatic Upgrade-Existing bumpers $300 per lane
Coverboard / Capping $150 per run
Capping Lighting $150 per run
Round Gutters only, no bumpers $300 per lane
Remove existing bumpers $100 per lane


Scoring De-Install $300 per lane pair
QubicaAMF Scoring (All Configurations) $1,000 per lane pair

New Center Package Installation Costs

New Center Package under 12 lanes $10,000 per lane
New Center Package- 12 lanes and over $7,500 per lane
Single lanes (all) $12,000 per lane
Residential Package with standard foundation $15,000 per lane
Residential Package with non-standard foundation get quote per lane
Note: Pricing contingent upon site survey and subject to change.
Travel costs added if over 500 miles from Las Vegas, NV.

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