Lou Trunk, Owner – Las Vegas, NV

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Services Provided

  • Bowling Lane Topography Correction
  • Pinspotter Installation and Removal
  • Lane Installation and Removal
  • Automatic Scoring Installation and Removal
  • On-Site Pinspotter Training

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​Setting the standard for quality bowling equipment installation for over 40 years.

Lane Topography

Today’s lanes are the least flat in the history of bowling. How can this possibly be so?

There is no such thing as a flat lane. There are no perfectly flat lanes anywhere, but some are flatter than others. Prior to the invention of Synthetic bowling lanes, wooden lanes were required to be “re-flattened” annually - restored very close to flat. Now, it’s been 25 YEARS since the average synthetic lane has been re-flattened! Millions and Millions of ball impacts and associated structural movements have occurred. We have proven the tremendous influence of gravity, due to un-flatness, on a ball rolling down the average un-flat bowling lane. Wear and tear has taken a huge toll, and now various lanes in a bowling center play vastly different from one-another, to a skilled bowler.

We uncovered this problem with bowling lane topography, and proved it to be the pandemic that it is today. Contact us to bring fairness back to your bowling center.